ABJ Drone Academy is offering a Commercial Drone Pilot Training Course in India with additional Specialist Courses

This course is designed to guide you guide you through the typical international requirements for Professional and Commercial Drone Pilots, such as the USA Part 107 certification or the PfCO used in the UK.

This is an excellent first step in enabling you to become commercially involved in an industry that experiencing exponential growth daily.

You can work through the course at your own pace and always return to a module again should you wish.

Each section is concluded with a short test to ensure that you are comfortable with your newfound knowledge and skill.

Once you have completed your course successfully, you will be awarded your certificate and can then move forward to more advanced industry-specific courses to include Aerial Photography, Surveying, plus many more…

Your course will cover all these areas…

  • Regulations
  • Airport Operations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Radio Procedures
  • Airspace
  • Weather
  • Physiological Factors
  • Maintenance and Inspections
  • Decision Making
  • Drone Loading and Performance
  • Crew Resources

Note that since 28 August 2018, the DGCA has specified that commercial drone pilots operating in India need an UNMANNED AIRCRAFT OPERATOR PERMIT (UAOP). These are issued by any DGCA approved Flying Training Organization (FTO).

Become an expert drone operator through drone certificate program for India. Through applied knowledge and training with experienced drone instructors, individuals will develop an invaluable expertise that can be applied to multiple commercial industries.

Our certification program will give you all the essential skills and knowledge to become a commercial drone pilot. Once you have mastered the essential piloting skills you will be ready to move onto some of the exciting specialist areas that drones are being used for by industry, such as aerial filming, powerline inspection, solar or wind farm monitoring, construction surveys, agricultural monitoring, wildlife surveying, search and rescue, and aerial photography.

Our program uses the latest drone technology and will train you to understand the latest commercial drone regulations. ABJ Drone Academy works closely with the leading standard-setting bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO and the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) to ensure our courses represent the state-of-the-art.

Learn about: 

  • ISO regulations governing the operation of drones
  • The fundamentals of drone flight and control
  • How to fly several commercial drone models, including 5 hours of hands-on training
  • Collecting, assessing, and presenting images, videos, and data
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Practical Session

If you elect to take the optional practical session that compliments this course, you will typically spend at least two days with an experienced instructor who will show you how to set up your drone and take you through all the flight planning steps. The instructor will guide you through four practical flying sessions where you will learn how to complete four missions:

Mission 1Objective: to gain initial familiarity with the Drone in GPS mode


  • Pre-flight activities
  • Basic flight skills
  • Maneuvers in FPV mode
  • Interpreting telemetry data
  • Activate an emergency Return To Home simulation
  • Perform proper shutdown procedures and log flight

Mission 2 Objective: refine Drone control and respond to emergencies in GPS mode


  • Fly to maximum operating altitude
  • Perform a banked circle or square
  • Perform a figure of eight pattern using banked turns
  • React correctly to aircraft or public incursion into the area
  • Perform proper shutdown procedures and log flight

Mission 3 Objective: Operate Drone in non-GPS (ATTI) mode


  • Use of ATTI mode
  • Fly a square pattern
  • Perform a banked circle or square
  • Perform a figure of eight pattern using banked turns


Mission 4 Objective: Simulate Working Mission and Respond to Emergencies


  • Operating the drone in GPS mode take off and fly to worksite
  • Perform simulated working mission
  • React to emergencies, such as:
    • Loss of connectivity with UA
    • Incursion of aircraft
    • Incursion of person into area
    • Loss of GPS control

If you successfully complete the online theory course and the practical session you will receive a full certification for this course to prove your competency, including a credit card sized identity card.

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