Drone Thermography Level 2 Certification

This online course is a continuation to the Thermography level 1 Course. Its main goal is to give a clearer idea about the deeper concepts involved in thermography and process of performing live inspections and how the data is analyzed and understood.

During the Drone Thermography Level 2 course, you will learn…

  • Advanced Thermal Science

  • Advanced Camera Operation

  • Advanced Application of Thermal Cameras

  • Analytics in Thermal Imagery

  • Advanced Application of Thermography

  • Science of Thermography

This knowledge will be ideal for working in industries such as solar farms, wind turbines, building insulation and power line inspections, infrared is very much in demand. The whole course is orientated towards taking infrared images from a drone, probably the most useful payload a drone can carry for acquiring the sophisticated data that many industries need. The online course segment gives you all this knowledge in an easy to follow format, there is also an optional practical segment that compliments the online training where you will actually learn to fly missions using IR technology to gather the sort of data industry needs.

Six Core Modules

Module 1: Advanced Thermographic Theory

Module 2: Software

Module 3: Inspection Techniques

Module 4: Advanced Diagnosis

Module 5: Advanced Hardware

At the end there is a 30 question quiz to test your understanding of the material.

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