The telecommunications industry makes extensive use of high structures that need regular inspections. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones) are ideal for close inspection of these without the need to put a human at risk by ascending to height. As a result, there is a demand for knowledgeable UAS pilots who can do this type of work.

ABJ Drone Academy offers a series of courses that build up your knowledge so that you can work safely in this industry.

The first course is Telecom 1 which gives you a basic understanding of Electromagnetic Energy/Radio Frequencies and how both can impact your health and UAS.  Examples provided within are a combination of International and United States rules and regulations.  We have selected the best examples of what is used globally in order to give you the most useful information possible.

A comprehensive understanding of the type of energy fields that surround all of us every day and how they impact us as humans and as the pilots of a UAS is essential.  For most work pilots perform, the intended end result is to capture images or video with a camera; this needs to be done with a full knowledge of the potential hazards involved, for both the pilot and the drone.

The Telecom 2 course gives you an understanding of wireless infrastructure including a detailed explanation of what kinds of towers, antennas and infrastructure are used in the telecommunications industry to support mobile phone communications. Importantly, the course details which kinds of transmitting devices can harm you or your UAS.

You should complete the Telecom 1 course before beginning Telecom 2.

There is no practical segment for this Telecom 1 or 2, all requirements are covered in the online segments.