Prestigeous online magazine Commercial Drone Professional featured an article on the ABJ Drone Academy on February 26, 2018.

The article reads:

Commercial drone service provider ABJ Drones has announced it is expanding its operations with the addition of new pilot training courses.

Unlike the majority of qualified entities, ABJ claims, the company isn’t entering the market looking to provide training from the ground up. Students looking to enroll in any of the courses are expected to having the minimum CAA requirements ahead of the training.

Courses, including inspection, photography and LiDAR, will be on offer for commercial drone pilots looking to bolster their skills and stand out from competitors with a specialism.

 The academy’s courses are delivered across a combination of online and practical tuition with the first rolling out on Thursday March 1 and others following over the coming weeks.Mark Caney, managing director of the ABJ Drone Academy, told Commercial Drone Professional: “Our focus is not on the training of people in their first level, that training is well-met, we’ll do it but that’s not our particular interest. Our interest is in taking people that have gained that initial qualification and then giving them the specialist skills they need to work in the various industries where drones are going to be used.”