How to Make Money with Drones

If you have a drone then you may be thinking to yourself? “How can I make money with my drone?”  With ABJ Academy we will focus on the step by step process of making money with drones. So yes, it is very much possible to make money flying drones. Not all drones are created equal in order for making money and earning a living and as such we will look into the types of drones needed.

Step 1 of Making Money Flying Drones

Using a Drone with a Camera

How to make money flying drones

How to make money flying drones guide

The best opportunities to earn money with a drone would require a drone with a camera. If your drone currently does not have a camera, check to see if there is a camera add on feature or attachment feature for your drone. If your drone can allow for a phone to be attached to it safely then that can also be useful in many scenarios. 

You can utilize a large size drone for design or delivery jobs and you can also use a drone for inspection. When utilizing drones for delivery it would require a drone that is larger than the micro drones and can manage to travel with pounds. The types of deliveries you can focus on are food delivery or package delivery of general items, however, be sure to check your state laws on using drones for delivery as it may require certification and an additional food handlers permit. You can search online for creating your own website to start advertising your drone services and also all of these jobs would require official drone training and drone license certifications, which brings us to step 2

Step 2 of Making Money Flying Drones

Become a Drone Pilot that’s Certified

How to become a drone pilot

Training and Certification in Drone Piloting will qualify you to a world of opportunities for earning money with your drone. Drone Pilots that are certified usually tend to earn over $5k monthly and even over $100k annually. Investing in yourself and having the right drone can be just the right passion you were looking for, to earning a great lifestyle that’s fun at the same time. 

Let’s talk about how drone courses can increase your chances in earning more than you ever dreamed. If you take Drone courses and become a licensed Drone Pilot you can be your own boss and offer your services to Real Estate companies, Solar companies, Wind industry, Roofing Inspections, TV Sets, Businesses and Video Commercials.  ABJ Academy has drone courses with official certifications and licenses in Drone Photography, Drone Videography, Drone Inspection, Solar and much more. Your earning potential becomes uncapped and you can grow your business and start a drone inspection or drone video & photography company. When you start hiring a team of drone pilots to work under you, when you recommend them to our drone course you can earn 40 – 70% commissions from the drone pilot affiliate program

Step 3 of Making Money Flying Drones

Start Advertising your Drone Services

How to become a drone pilot

As I touched on earlier, after you have obtained an official Drone Pilot Certification, it’s time to let the world know you’re ready to fly. You can start by updating your Linkedin profile and add the title of Drone Pilot and all the other online drone courses you have taken. If you have taken Drone Courses in Photography, Videography, Solar or Wind you can begin to reach out to those companies on Linkedin and let them know you are able to assist their businesses drastically. Additionally you can build a Drone Inspection or Drone Videography website and social media pages and start running ads to your new talents.

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