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Drone Racing Simulator and VR Online – Basic Training

$95.00 Plus VAT in relevant countries

  • Learn to fly drones and practice your flight tests
  • Develop your piloting skills in real world commercial drone scenarios
  • Evaluate drone applications requiring pilot and response team coordination
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What’s Included

  • Individual Drone Racing Simulator Training License
  • Fly the simulator flown by the worlds top pilots
  • Fly tracks from the worlds top race organisations
  • Introducing new pilots, training current pilots, race practice for pro-pilots

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Drone for Racing

The drone selection room has a range of drones for you to fly ranging from micro Tiny Whoops through mini racers to large X-Class drones. Each has been carefully tuned by top pilots to give you the most accurate flight experience. Time spent flying drones in the simulator will be rewarded with increased skills when flying your real world drones.

Drone Racing Flight Controller

The Drones you fly within ABJ’s drone racing simulator each have their own physical characteristics and flight controller settings. These have already been tuned by top pilots and you can adjust rates etc to suite your own flying style. A Custom racing drone is also included allowing you to adjust the physics to simulate a wide range of different drone types including the one you fly in the real world.

Flight Recorder

Your challenge is to select a track and fly three laps in the fastest time possible without crashing. The flight recorder will capture your fastest three laps, show your individual lap times and allow you to replay the flight to check your racing line. The next time you fly you will also be presented with another drone to race against. This will be flying your best three laps … can you beat it ?


Just as in real world FPV Drone Racing Simulator provides you with a spotter. While racing and concentrating on the track ahead, your spotter will be keeping watch, let you know if you have missed any gates and call out your individual lap times. To fly a new track you will need to learn your way around it, your spotter will help by calling out each gate number ensuring you fly the right sequence.

Race Tracks

The race tracks available to you in ABJ’s drone racing simulator include virtual versions of major real world qualifying tracks. We work closely with race associations around the world to ensure sport and pro pilots can practice tracks ahead of the real world events. Pilot familiarity with tracks brings faster, more exciting race events to the public.



For the most realistic flight experience use your real world RC Transmitter to fly drones in ABJ’s drone racing simulator. Depending on your controller you may need to obtain a hard wired or radio linked USB dongle.

If you are new to FPV Racing and don’t own an RC Controller the standard Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers are fully compatible with the simulator. This allows you to experience FPV flying before committing to buy any real world equipment.

Minimum System Spec.

The ABJ drone simulation software uses the latest 3d engine technology and needs a reasonable spec PC to provide realistic visuals and a smooth flight experience. The minimum recommended spec is: Windows 7 OS (with SP1), Intel i5 dual core CPU, NVidia 1050 graphics card (or equivalent), 4GB RAM plus internet connection.

ABJ drone racing is also available for MAC and requires a system with a reasonable 3D graphics capability such as the latest iMacs. Due to the range of systems and graphics capabilities we recommend downloading and installing the free trial to evaluate performance on your own MAC.